Stepper Motor Control Card SMC PC

The SMC PC is an intelligent stepper motor controller which can handle up to four axes of motion simultaneously and independent from each other. It provides opto-isolated signal inputs for limit switches, near-home and home signals, digital I/O and an incremental encoder interface for position monitoring. Multiple boards may be installed in one host PC. The number is limited by the number of available PCI-slots.

Technische Daten

Controller type Full-height PCI-card, 5V signal level.
Number of axes 4
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 bit only)
Programing Interface Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
Positioning range -2.147.483.648..+2.147.483.647 steps
Step speed 1 Hz..4 MHz
Acceleration/deceleration rate 125 Hz/s..1 MHz/s
Output signals (opto-isolated) Clock, Direction, 8 bit digital OUT
Input signals (opto-isolated) Limits, near home, home, quadrature encoder (RS422, 40 MHz
max.), 8-bit digital IN  
Software DLL, demo application incl. source code, LabView VIs and exaples
Dimensions 190 x 95 mm (l x h)


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