Motorised Slit Screen 3001.10M


Housing: Aluminium*
Blades: 2mm Tungsten*

* other materials available on request


Aperture [mm]: 0-10
Adjustment: symmetric
Adjustment precision [mm]: 0.02
Parallelity [mm]: 0.02
Weight [kg]: 0.5
Resolution [┬Ám]: 2.5

General information:

The aperture is equipped with limit switches to prevent collision when opening or closing.

We would be happy to incorporate customer-specific alterations, if technically possible.

Technical data motor:

  Standard Vacuum
Number of phases: 2 2
Cable length [m]: 0.5 0.5
Connectors: Sub D15 -
Steps/revolution: 200/400 200/400
Rated current [A/Phase]: 0.95 1.8
Length (L) [mm]: 38.5 62.5
Flange size (D) [mm]: 28 32
Wiring: bipol./ser. bipol./par.
Number of conductors: 6 4

Blade geometries:

The following blade geometries are available:

A) (Standard)


Control system SMC9300

Motorised Slit Screen 3001.10M


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